How to use bloglovin to drive traffic to your blog

How to keep your readers coming back for more, it is a way to discover and read your favor it blogs.
Blog Traffic/Blogging

Been a blogger for many years, wondering why haven't you taken ed advantage of using bloglovin.   Your missing out of all the potential traffic to grow your blog to success.  Bloglovin is one of the best free marketing tools that is out there on the Internet. 

Read more and discover  the benefits of bloglovin to drive traffic to your blog, and keep your readers coming back for more.

Still wondering what Bloglovin is?

Which is a leading place for readers to discover and read content of their favor it blogger on the web, or in mobile, or via email.

How does bloglovin benefit me as a blogger?

1.  Wanting to keep your readers coming back.

Unlikely other social media platforms every post would appeal in the feed of someone that is following you.

2.  Daily emails are sent to all your followers?

They send on a daily basis an email of all the post of following blogs, that were created within the 24 hour period.  the post link of articles that you have written in there frame which counts in your metric, which show your article to your readers.

Blogger receive an email stating that their favor it blog has been updated.

3.  Your traffic counts to your blogs metrics?

Every time your readers read your article on, or click on the email.  It drive traffic to your blogs metric.  In your google analytics to.

4. There is not need to separate from social media?

Since they pull the best content from your blog feed or rss feed, You really don't have to do anything to get your content out to your followers.

5. How do you receive more traffic, and followers?

Being discovered through recommendations our popular pages or with the community of bloglovin.  So if you are wanting more followers, You really need to be discovered.

Your wondering if bloglovin, sent you traffic, or does it take away my page views?

All these click from bloglovin, does count as traffic.   You will see all the page views in your google analytics as well.

Your still wondering why am i not seeing my  traffic from bloglovin?

We have to remember that bloglovin uses rss feeds , some of the blogs see there traffic in a referral source such as feed burners, or rss.  it depends of the setting of your feeds.

How do I receive more followers?

We encourage our readers to follow your blog on bloglovin.  To put a bloglovin widget on your blog.  And encourage social media follower to follow you and follow your blog on bloglovin profile.

The more followers that you get, you would be put into our popular pages,  which will help your grow your followers.

Does bloglovin send traffic to your blog?

Yes all the clicks from bloglovin. com does count as traffic to your blog.   A fact here Bloglovin is one of the most popular has become  the top traffic source for lifestyle blogger and many others to.

Do you have data on how my post are doing?

By claiming your blog, to give you access to your analytics dashboard, that give you insight on how your post are doing. 

Benefit Of Goals How Do We Be Successful With Them?

Setting goals provide your the direction that you are wanting and keeping yourself on track in achieving them.

If you are able to successful in setting and achieving your personal goals, for yourself. You will see the benefits from it. Even when your fall short of achieving this special goal you have set for yourself to achieve.

These positive and encouraging words said by a famous writer Benjamin Mays. The tragedy of life doesn't not reaching there goals. The tragedy of list is not having goals to reach.

Here are a few tips that I learn ed in helping me create goals, and sticking to them.

1. Which provides direction:

Goals give you a sense of direction and have a destination that goes along with it. It aims you in the right direction and directs your effort towards that goal.

Also so helpful with a guide where you need to be in life. Even when you set lifetime goals, which give you a destination on how you are going to reach that goal that was set. Instead of going through life without a proposed and not know the direction that you wanting to go.

One of the great things in the world is not so much of where you are, and what direction is this moving too.

2. what is so important to have a clear focus:

Your goals have a clear focus on what is benefit to you. And have the importance for you. What you are going to accomplished with these goals.

Which take time to reflect on your hopes and dreams, and what you are wanting to accomplished in life as well. What goals that are important to you .

With the systematic and conscious focus your attention of the goals that you are wanting . So if you are don't setting well thought out goals, You tend to do things that are not important to you.

3.  Having the clarity of mankind decisions:

Focusing on goal setting is so important on what is you are wanting, and what you are going to be accomplishing. Also where you are wanting in your future and your life too.

Being prospective help you make those decision that are important to you. So if you know which direction that you are wanting to go.

You will be able to make better decision on how that you are wanting to proceeded. You understand what is so important to you, and how am I going to achieve them.

 4.  Are you wanting to take control of your future:

Setting goals will help you take control of your future. So without them you tend to drift away from what you are wanting in life. You wouldn't have a plan in life is where you are heading. And you are going with the flow so to speak.

By setting goals give you a sense of control of what is ahead of you and how you are going to get there.

By taking the time to write it down along with the steps and the plan on how you are going to achieve them. Which you are going to have this plan for the future as well.

So that you are not wandering aimless in life. To be able to know where that you are going, and what you are going to accomplished with it.

With control your life if you are going to be successful or be a failure as well .

By establishing your goals along with a plan for each goals. that has the goal that has a plan for you to accomplished those goals. Also keep you focused and not go by the side way for veer off in some kind of way.

Having goals give you a sense of a good thinker that will give you a sense of working towards them. A sense of achieving them.

how to write the perfect blog post to increase your success?

Starting a blog and writing good content is essential to have an successful blog or website.
Blog post/blogging

Writing good content is so essential for being successful in blog or website.

The competition has became fierce over the years, if your content is not meeting your portent. Your blog might not be at it full protenial for it success.

There are so many blogger try so hard to write the best content for their blog or website. If they would have more knowledge on how to write the perfect blog post.

It is so important that these tips will not change the way your voice or even your online presence. But you rather put the best in your writing.

Sometime we have to reword a sentence or too. Once the sentence structure is complete. It creates a better tone for your blog.

I found these amazing tips to share with you on how you too can write the perfect post that set the tone for your blog.

1. A Clear title:

Be able to look at the title and know what to expect. The important fact is if they decide to read it or not. It is so important to take the time and think about it. This is something that should not taken light.

You title should be relevant to your blog post. that has to be interesting and exciting that grab the attention of your readers. It has to have the perfect balance within your work.

Considering the correct keywords, they are an important part of your blog post.

2. Opening paragraph:

The opening paragraph must make a point of the article of the post more clear. With the title and the open paragraph will engage you reader or not.

You would be able to elaborate more within the body, along with the spec. that does let your readers wondering what you blog post is all about.

So if you honest care about your audience, you would be able to make the point of your blog post more clear . And letting up to your audience to engage and read more about it.

So the end of the day it is all about adding the value instead of the numbers.

Using list:

As a blogger are lives are so busy. Writing a quick note on ideas or tips related to your blog post that you are going to write.

You top ten tips list, or list of the day. You would be able to write all kinds of list. As long that they are catchy and interesting. Related to the topic of interested that you are going to be writing about.

Add visual content:

So important to add quality of images, and video's related to the post written on your blog or website.

To have the standard that you are wanting for your images that you use on your blog or website. Many blogger invested in a high quality camera to achieve high quality photo for their blog.

To learn how to take great photos to learn how to have quality videos for your blog or website.

The standard that you set for your blog or website, is by your writing has to be high quality  that will engage your audience to decided to read it or not.

10 Best Resources To Embrace The Blogging World?

as blogger we find resources or tools to help us set up our blogs for success.
blogging/blogging tips

Are you setting your blog up for success? What a time save it would be when you use the right tools for your blog.

I honestly was stuck into this mindset that I would do everything for myself. And being hesitant to invest in the right tools that would help me grow my blog.

I can honestly say my abilities in making the right decision for my blog. And invest in the right resources that will propel my blog forward which save me so much time my friends.

10 Best blogging tools & Resource:

Their was alot of sleepiness night, deciding which resources were going to used.

I narrowed it down to 10 blogging tools that you would be able to benefit.

1. Evernote:

It is so overwhelming when you have alot of things that you have to do for your blog, Also learning more an more each day. By using Evernote for keeping everything in organized and you would be able to keep your sanity in tack.

Also be able to research new ideas for a future blog post. suppose of a notepad for the things that I learned, wanting to remember.

Keeping all my personal organization of life, and so much more.

2. Trello:

It a great free software that you would be able to organizes your to do list, even your products too. In the kanana dashboard style, that is easy for any blogger to use.

3. google Calendar:

Is free to use, and it is a wonderful tool to use for planning your time wisely.

4. My hour:

Is a great way to keep track of all the time within your day, and letting you know when you are going to have some free time.

Analytics & Tracking:

5. Google Analytics:

Why are you not using google analytics uses data that tracks traffic to your blog or website. This is the best tool that is out there. It is totally free to use.

6. Stat counter:

Another best tool to use for the smaller blogs or website. Knowing how many visitors that come and visit your blog or website. Another good feature that it has is knowing where you visitor are coming from as well.

7. Canva:

Is one the best tools that is out their to create beautiful photo that you can use for your future blog post. Which is totally free to use. And I highly recommend it.

Writing & Content Creator:

8. co scheduler& headliner:

Is an excellent way to analysis your blog title to see if their good or not.

Also offer was that you can improve them also.

9. Grammarly:

This is a wonderful tool to use for blogger with their native language, to be able to correct the errors. Which make your blog post more appealing for your audiences to read.

Social media Scheduling &auto posting:

10. Social media scheduling to is the most popular tool to use for facebook pages, even in facebook group.

Twitter and so many more. You would be able to schedule your post, on the day that it is going to be publish. On advance level.

Auto posting is a plug in for wordpress blog, So if you have something new that you are ready to post. Auto posting will do the trick.

A tiny request: If you love this post please share it.

Most people don't share because they feel like us blogger don't need this tiny social share.

I have built this list of tool out of the love for my readers, and new blogger that want to learn how they can grow their blog.

Setting up a budget will help you stick with it to benefit your finances.

How to create a budget, that is realiistic that you are able to understand.

A budget is a scary thing.   Weather  you are needing something, or you might want something.  Creating a budget can help you keep your spending in line, so that you would be able to reach your financial goals. 

I remember when I was growing up my parents really didn't talk about money management, or the benefits of having a budget.   It been challenging for me to managed my spending, and be able to save for the rainy day.    I struggled with just the basis  budgeting tools.  

In the beginning I was able to able to keep on track with managing my finances, Then after a while it just goes hay wire at some point.  With all the debt that I inherited  after my divorce from my ex husband.  I was able to create a budget that help me understand where my money is going, be able to keep track of my spending. 

By Setting Goal, is something that you can work towards.  Making a plan will help your set it in motion to living a simple life that you have dream ed  of.  

You can create a budget by using these 6 simple tips.

1.  Knowing your income:

You can not create a budget off of your basis salary. After they take out the necessary taxes, and 401 k .  What your take pay is what you create a  budget off of that.  

2.  Your Fix Expenses:

Taking the time to figure out what your fix expenses are going to be.  That don't flexiate  or change over the year such as rent, car payments, etc.   At this point is a great time to have a safety net, so that you are able to pay these expenses. 

3. Determine the variable expenses:

Knowing the expenses that change each month, such as your phone, grocery bill, eating out, clothing.  These are the expenses that we have control over. 

4.  Prioritizes:

What is important to you.   You really have to take a long look of what you can live without.   You really need to take a deeper look of your variable expenses, to see if you need to have all the latest gadgets or the expensive clothing, so much more.   So just element it.  Or downgrade to something that fits into your budget. 

5. Following your spending during the monthly:

This  is an important point here.  You need to keep a close eye on your wallet, and making sure that your are spending within your limits. Not overspend.  From time to time review it.  And see where you can adjust it from time to time. 

6.  Keeping track of your spending:

It is so important to keep track of your spending, so if your prefer to use pen and paper, or the latest budgeting apps that are out there to help you keep on top of your finances,  I say go do it.  

With the cost of living is continually going up.  We need to keep up with the trends, and make the adjustment that we are needing to achieve our goals that we set for yourself, to live the lifestyle that you are wanting.  

how do you get your kids to help you clean with great success.

Teaching your children the proper way to have a clean, organized home.

You don't understand why your kids are so lazy?  They where not that way in the beginning.  They are spending to much time on their electronic.   Or they don't hear mom saying it is day we  clean the house.

Why is our home so messy when the kids are home.  The imperfection of not having the cleaning gene when I was younger.    Or the motivation to do so.  I didn't raise my kids to do so.

As parents we have to teach our children when they are little so that they become responsible mature adults.

I recall when my youngest son would see me do some pickup in the living room.  He would asked me  can I help you mom.  I was so happy to hear that.  I said I would appreciate the help.  With a big thank you by giving him a hug or two.   Well my older est had a very personality, we didn't pay him he was not going to help out.

I tried so many different things, with my older son, Like chore charts,  with a list of tasked that I wanted him to do.   To teach him the sense of responsibility, for keeping our home neat and clean also tidy?   He wasn't have it.

I was blessed to try to start this when they were younger, to be able to get them on board with helping around the house.   We know that our kids are going to make more of a mess then helping you removing it.

Their future spouses will thank them for it.   And it also teaches them responsibility and be accountable when they mess up from time to time.   And understand that it is the entire family responsibility to keep their home neat and clean also organized.

Breaking down bigger tasked into smaller ones:

It is best that when you asked your child to clean their room, which is not enough.  Sit down and invested some time and educate them to break down bigger tasked into smaller one. Which will help them understand.  There room was  been  cleaned and organized which was done correctly.

Which it took me three month with daily instruction so that my oldest boy would understand how the process work.  I got him at this point to be able to keep his room organized and neat and tidy.  Their were time that they did stick to the plan,  From time to time I would have to step in cleaning their rooms, and going over the program of  helping you with clean the family home and be successful at it.

It is so simple for me to clean our family home correctly instead of having my boys doing for me.  But it is important to me to teach them the responsibility  and help me around the house,  Try to stick to the program.   Kids enjoy having a stable routine.   They love for you to make it fun.   And reward them for their efforts.   Take a deep breath and remember that kids will complain about doing things.  Just keep the faith and it will all work out.

How I Wanted To Give Up Blogging Since It Wasn't Worth Doing.

I hate blogging!

One of the biggest fact is yet to come.

It might have came early for most of you.

The fact is that 95% of blogger go through this phase.

I was one of them.

I though blogging wasn't worth pursing at the time. And I was torning with the idea of not starting a blog..

Or you might have thought this:

Successful in blogging is  takes alot of hard work.

I was doubting myself  with blogging  is it a waste of time and effort for  me.

I must share something in a little fact of life, that nothing comes easy. This also hold true to blogging.

Their are thousand of blogger that are successful and have put in the hard work, and their effort have made this their full time career.

I was in the mood to put my pen down I thought it was time for me to give up blogging.

Just hold on a little longer.

I want to say that blogging is rewarding  if you continue to persist in it.

It gave me time to rethink my decision to give up blogging.

After seeing all the successful blog.  It got me excited to start a new blog.  It got me writing again  on a regular basis.  After writing  for a few week, I starting to run out of topic and writing was starting to be a chore of some kind.

The struggles of writing regularly was something that really didn't appeal to me.   I really didn't major in writing in school.  I'm really not a writer.   I have a difficult time understanding on topic that I want to write about.   Because  I hate blogging.

This is a big problem among many blogger.

Their are so many blogs that were launch in the past year have failed.  Have written some amazing post.  I have seen many  new blogger asked these questions:  How to write regularly,  How to love blogging, How to write these awesome blog post. and how to find new ideas to write about, with so much more.

I was inspired from some of the most successful blogger, have written amazing blog post that I have read, and wanted to learn from them.

Let's go over what happens:

1:  Without the focus, and the lack of goals:

I want to say upfront, So if you are blogging without any focus with the lack of goals, you will soon be saying that you hate blogging.

Most important thing is setting up goals for your blog and working towards achieving them.

2:  Lack of knowledge:

Their is no point to dive into a niche that you don't have to much knowledge about.   the same goes with blogging.  So whatever niche that you choose for your blog.  Have in depth knowledge of it. without those too components with will start resenting your blog, and Begin to hate blogging, and wanting to give it up.

3:  Lack of time:

Just remember one point from this. That failure comes up with excuses,   So don't fall for that. 

Might not be a writer.  But with practice you will become a better writer and a successful blog to come along with it.

4: Planning:

Many blog that fail, have not make a proper long term plan to go along with it.   Without having a plan in place for your blog it will fail at some point.   You really need to take the time to make a plan for your blog, Knowing which direction that you are going to take it for the years to come.

5 tips to help you through blogging burnout to be successful.

How to figure out the semi balance of a schedule to get you back into  blogging rhythm
Blogging/Starting a blog

Sometime you feel that your need to take a break from blogging.  We have all have done this,  But it is not fun.    I'm sharing 5 tips to help you thought blogging burnout to be success to keep your blog fun for years to come.

1. Getting organized:

Getting yourself into a blogging rhythm, and figure out a semi balance of a schedule that will work for you.  It is helpful with going through blogging burnout.  Personally, I spend a bit of time on my blog each day. So I plan ahead so this doesn't happen.  So that I am not pressured or crumbing around for another post.

I have a rough idea what is going to be posted on social media, each day.  Which I am able to write post in advance.  Sometime this doesn't happen,  But I have a list of idea on my desk and even on my phone as well.

2. Get balances:

You never should feel that you should post, or any regards about blogging.  So if you post 3 days a week, you miss a day or so.  that is OK. 

There are time that work and life does catches up with me  from time to time.   So that I schedule some of my old post to go out on social media.  So that I can move on with life and work .  You really don't have to put your life on hold, even your work too.   Just don't ignore the signs!

3. Get happy:

Blogging is fun,  So if you are not having fun with blogging,  Figure out what is wrong and fix it or change it.    I love writing, I love reading, I love to learn how to be organizes too. 

Blogging allow me to combine my interest est with what I love.

4.  Be real:

People gravitate towards true and honestly.    So if you are struggling about something related with blogging.  Why don't you blog about it.   Their someone out there is struggling with the same thing, as well. 

When I learn something new that is blogging related. or a new  budgeting tip when ends up on the blog.    Being honest with what you are struggling with can make the frustrating situation more refreshing .  Because you have shared it with others.

5.  Reevaluate your blogging purpose:

Some time we have to re access your purpose for your blog.   Sometime we have to take a step back . And make the changes that we are needing to make.  Make the adjustment of your  posting schedule, along with your writing schedule as well.

3 tips to write an effective blog post.

Get into the premise of your post to make it relevant to your readers, A catchy title that is relevent images that pulls your into your post.

When I began my blogging journey, I really didn't understand the process of  how to put an blog post together.

I just started typing my thoughts, It began clearer to me If I wanting to have reader,  Then I realizing that I need a plan of some kind.

The great writer that I am, The only way that your post are going to be read, If  they are well structured.

It doesn't mean that you have to have a gripping introduction. ( thoughts are so important in getting the main body of your post right).

Some simple tips about the key components of  your post:

  • Introduction
  • The Post image
We are going to be focusing on the main body of a post.

 Focusing on three simple structure of a post that you can use:

1.  How to post:

It teaches your reader something, taking them through a step by step process, which is usually a number structure along with sequel steps,  it explains each steps.

When it is appropriate  add a screenshot or a photo to show your reader what to expect on each stage.

So your writing a how to post, it is very simple  to begin with a simple plan, which you need to work out the necessary step to go along with it.  You might find that you need to break complicated process into several parts.  or merge the simple points together to make it in order.

It is straightforward to start writing your post, and straightforward for you reader to follow along.

2. List post:

A list post offers your reader a selection of ideas, tips, suggestion or resources.   These are normally numbered.

So if you have been blogging for a while,  you might have come across these types of post.

The key differences a list post and a how to post,  That your readers don't have to follow  a list from start to finished.  They can dip into it, and use some of these points for their own situation.

It is the same with the how to post, it takes pre planning is the key. Aim to come up with a couple more idea that you can use.  And element the weakest link.  Just starts thinking about the order of the  items, from the easiest to the hardest.

3. Review post often:

Reviewing post offer informative opinion of products and services.  These are a great way for your readers who are debating about purchasing these products and services that go along with it.

The structure is simple to use.

  • Overview  what does it include, how much does it cost.
  • The good Mention tow or three aspect of the product that is affordable to use.
  • The bad  Write about what doesn't work so well. 
  • Verdict  should you purchased the product and services
This is a best structure to use in building for writing your next blog post.

5 habits of people who always have a clean home.

wondering how so many people have a clean home, How did they get it their. did they have help along the way.
Cleaning /organizing

You always wondering how millions of people home are so clean. How do they get it to look like this. Or Do they have help in getting it that way.

If curious,  You'll going to love this post, because  I will be sharing on how people embraced 5 habits that they use to keep their home neat and tidy.

I have an confession to make.  I do love a clean home,  That is neat and tidy.  It make me happy in the environment that I am in, that is clean and organized. 

If I was single,  I properly would clean my home at least once a month or so.   In reality that is not the way.  I have to clean my home on a weekly basis, and here is why.

 Two things that make my home messy and less tidy, which requires me to clean on a regular basis.  

1:  Pets,  I have two dogs, and a Guinea pig,  so to keeping their, dog hair, and the food particles, and hay particles, at a minimum.  Which is  challenging at times. 

2: Kids, by nature their personality, kids make a mess so do teenager as well.  So if they are not doing so,  They are not being a kid.  

Being organized is a vital piece of a puzzle, that keep my home running smoothly.  Without keeping everything in order.  My home would look like a bomb shell that went off at some point. 

So what are some of the habit of a clean home:

1:  A made bed:

It  set a tone of a tidy bedroom. 

2. Put clothing away:

When taking off your clothes when you first walk in your home.  So whatever you have wore that day, either put it away or place it in the laundry.

So don't throw your clothing over the back of the chair, or just leave it on the floor.  So put your clothing away in it place at the end of the day without any exceptions. 

Which takes less time to do each night before you go to bed instead of running around looking for your favor it outfit, or a matching sock to wear.

So if you environment is not working at the moment.  Be creative with it.  Studies show that clothing that is not put away, which means that the storage in your closet might be crowed, or not well lit, or the hanger is not close by. 

3. Don't own extra things:

So if you have million pens, 6 extra measuring cups, or extra item that are taking up storage .  You understand that you need to declutter at some point, Don't you think it is a great idea.  I was like that.  

When I decided that I was wanting to live a simple life,  I make the decision of what I was going to keep and what items i was going to get rid of .  I keep what I was wanting.  And donated the rest. 

Which leads to clutter, which doesn't make it an organized home. even a clean and tidy home too. 

4. Wiping things down:

After I cook dinner, even washing dishes, brushing my teeth, much more.  I wipe down counter, after every use. 

It bother me, to see a dirty counters in my kitchen, even in the vanities in my both bathrooms. So I make it an habit to do on a daily basis.   It only takes a min or two to wipe it down after every use. 

5. Keeping your paper organized:

So if you have piles of paper all over your home.  Make it a habit to file paper immediately,  instead of keeping paper hanging around your home. 

So when your bills come in each moth,  Put them in one place, of course when they are paid, file them immediately. 

Keep the mail that comes in one place, and purge on a regular basis. 

The Benefits Of Bullet Journaling?

Is a customized system that you would be able to Taylor it to your needs
Bullet Journaling

Are you wondering what the benefits of bullet journaling would be.  And how bullet journaling can help you?

If you enjoy keeping track of things and keep records, you will enjoy bullet journaling . But if you are still wondering if bullet journaling is for you.   Check out our page on what bullet journal is .

Benefits of Bullet Journaling:

Bullet journaling is a customized system that you would be able to Taylor it to your needs.   So if you decided to try Bullet journaling, you would have to go out and purchase an expensive  type of  planning organizing system. or download any of those fancy apps, to your iPhone, or smart phone.

All that you really need is an notebook, an pencil or a pen to start.  Chances are that you might have an extra notebook sitting around just waiting for this occasion.

Go ahead and grasp it.  And give Bullet Journaling a spin.

You would be amazed how simple bullet journal is to set up.   Explaining the entire process only take a  min or too.   You would be able to set up your index, key , create your monthly spreadsheet, so much more.

So are you ready to go.

Bullet journaling is a simple system to use:

Since Bullet journaling is so simple to customizes for your particular needs. The reason is that Bullet journaling is an analog system you only have to use a pencil or pen

Your bullet journal system will work anywhere at anytime without the power of using wifi.

So if you still need more ideas, go over to you tube and check out this wonderful video.11 bullet journal hacks.

A bullet journaling   is nothing more than a notebook and a pen that you would be able to take it everywhere with you.

 You would be able to throw it in your purse, or just keeping it next to you on your desk,  So that you would be able to review you day the night before you go to bed.

So when you get into a good habit of using your bullet journal within your day.   It will become second nature to you.  You would be lost with out it. as more as your phone would be.

The benefit of staying organized:

Are you so excited in using your bullet journal in helping you stay organized within your day.  By writing in your bullet journal give you the sense of being organized and have the fulfillment of accomplishing it.

There are so many ways that you can journal.   You would be able to journal on a daily  basic or on a monthly basis too.

Bullet journaling is a great way to keep track of life events.  Your to do lists. even storage your important documents. too.   And it is the best thing to keep up with your work tasks. or even your blog tasks that you are doing.  Even your Dr appointment too.

the key and indexing  is a simple way for your to keep organized.

Bullet journaling free up brain space:

Bullet journaling so far is one of the best  benefit so far.  when you write down everything you need to go.  It free up some brain space, And you would be amazed on how you feel in the end.

You would be more productive and creative in the long run.